Why It's Important To Be Consistent on Social Media

Posted by Team Pose

Why It's Important To Be Consistent on Social Media

These days, social media almost feels like a game.

There are set rules to follow and if you’re not on top of it, then yikes! You might see your social media profiles lacking in engagement and feel down about it. It's the algorithm though and there's only one way to play the game.

What's the secret? It’s consistency! 

But that’s a box we’ve got to unwrap because there’s a lot more to this “consistency” we’re talking about. Why is it important to be consistent on social media? Make sure you’re taking notes!

Why It’s Important To Be Consistent on Social Media

The best way to tackle the why behind social media consistency is by diving into the how and where of that consistency. Let’s walk through them!

  • Consistency in Content
  • Consistency in Voice
  • Consistency in Posts
  • Consistency in Look & Quality

Consistency in Content

This is the main point that covers the rest of the bullet points above since they overlap. The content you put out into the world is helping you build your audience. When you change your content with almost every post, you risk losing audience interest or attracting a different audience you’re not trying to reach. 

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Consistency in Voice

Are you familiar with “brand recognition”? That’s when people - followers, consumers, etc. - recognize who you are through many things like visual styles, content type, and even your voice! When you communicate with your followers and audience, they are getting to know you even if it’s them just reading the caption to your latest Instagram post. If you change your voice often, you’ll throw off your followers and potentially risk follows. 

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Consistency in Posts

If you’re posting once every month to Instagram, it sucks to say but you’ve probably had some followers land on your page thinking... Huh, they must not be using Instagram anymore. *unfollow*

Sound the alarm because this is avoidable!

Whether you’re posting once a day or every other day, the frequency you decide on for posting affects how you’re received by followers. Post too much (4+ times a day)? You might be thought of as spammy. Post too few (like our example)? You might be seen as inactive. Don’t let this slip!

Consistency in Look & Quality

This is especially true on Instagram where it’s all about photos. Whatever style or aesthetic you want to adapt for your profile, do it now and keep it going!

This ties back into “Consistency in Content” in that the visual changes being inconsistent will confuse your followers, attract the wrong audience, and more. Is it worth it?

Find the look that suits your profiles best, plan your posts so that the quality is worthy of followers’ attention, and if there’s no sign of improvement in engagement after 3+ months? Time to “rebrand”, or reconsider options. You can get some guidance on creating a look for your Instagram and YouTube with some nifty digital downloads!

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