Tips to Remove Stress From Creating Content

Posted by Team Pose

Tips to Remove Stress From Creating Content

All that weight on your mind and your shoulders don’t need to be there when you’re creating content. Sometimes you might find yourself putting things off because things are stacking and not playing well with your schedule, but there are ways to fight this and get your content creation and curation schedule in a more comfortable place so that you can keep things consistent.

Now there are tips and there are tools. We’ll start off with tips to help you get in the right headspace for content creation and curation.


Block Off 1 Hour Per Week For Planning

Instagram can wait. We don’t mean pause operations but we’re talking about that loop you might find yourself in where you’re spending a lot of time browsing or checking notifications. The time you spend doing this easily accumulates to the time you can spend planning your content. When you set aside 1 hour of your time each week, you can cover planning:

  • The content and message you want to post. (See ‘Tools’ below)
  • The shoots that may be required for that.
  • The graphics you need to create.
  • The graphics you need to curate.

Pause Your Inbox

Piggybacking off of the previous tip, did you know that Gmail offers a feature that allows you to “Pause” your inbox? This means that it’ll stop incoming emails from flooding your inbox while you work on other things. This doesn’t mean the emails won’t come through at all. You’ll set a timer so that the inbox will “unpause” itself at a certain time and those emails will reveal themselves. Alternatively, you can put your phone on Do Not Disturb or mute your laptop to cease the sounds of notifications that might derail you from your progress.


Give the Instagram Planner a Go!

In that 1 hour of time you set aside each week, the Instagram Planner can be your best friend. No spending time creating spreadsheet templates, no spending time figuring out how to manually write out your outline, etc. The Instagram Planner gives you space to plan out your content for each day and track if it’s been created and/or published. 

Not just on Instagram? Go for the Social Media Planner at this link.

Save Time With the Content Calendar! (2022 COMING SOON)

This pairs best with the Instagram Planner, but with the Content Calendar digital download, you have 365 days of post ideas you can work with. It’s as simple as looking at the printout of our PDF of the digital download, finding the date, picking a photo that works with the post idea and BAM!

If you do choose to combine the powers of the Instagram Planner with the Content Calendar, you can pick and choose which post ideas you want to utilize and transfer it to your Instagram Planner so that you have an overview of your personalized content plan.

Note: 2021 is no longer available but 2022 is on its way! Stay tuned for updates.

What are some troubles you’re facing when it comes to managing your time for content creation and curation? 

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