The Social Brand #1 | Daniella C.

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The Social Brand #1 | Daniella C.

We’re excited to launch our first blog series at Pose Planners: The Social Brand!

This is where we look at how brands apply their brand styles to their social media profiles with unique aesthetics. For The Social Brand's first spotlight, it's shining on Daniella Capitano.

Daniella is a health, life, and business entrepreneur dedicated to helping people unite their “mind, body & soul through movement, transformational thinking & conscious action”. Now the first thing that comes to mind with social media - Instagram in particular - is establishing a color palette

For Daniella C., the color palette includes black, electric blue, and white. These colors are not restricted to her brand visuals on her site. It easily carries over to Instagram.

PRO-TIP: When you’re a blogger or business owner, it’s really important for there to be cohesiveness in aesthetics even if it’s the color palette at minimum. This helps your audience easily identify you in the crowd of others in the same arena of blogging or businesses.

After the brand design was established, Daniella was provided with a brand style guide and quote graphic templates that can be used online. While the brand mockup you see above shows white and electric blue on black, because of the font and elements (the artistic squiggles) used, she had room to make adjustments and place black and electric blue on white instead.

Let’s take a look at her Instagram grid as it is right now!

Notice how in those quote graphics, she’s got all the following checked off:

  • Engaging quote or question
  • Color palette utilized (with gold metallics acting as an accent color)
  • Logo at the bottom or corner

When you’re creating original content that has potential to go viral such as quote graphics - since they do amazingly on Instagram and Pinterest - it is really important to consider putting your Instagram handle or logo on the images or else it is subject to being ripped by someone else. 

If we’re talking about the content vision for Daniella, notice how she’s developed a pattern for her grid. Posts alternate between photos she’s taken and the quote graphics she’s created. This is a great practice for creating a sleek look to your Instagram feed without the added worry if an image will clash with the preceding image or image to come!

If you need a little bit of guidance, we have some top recommendations for you to get on track with your Instagram just as Daniella did. 

  1. Check out the Brand Your Instagram digital download. It will help you come up with a color scheme for your Instagram profile so that you can level up your content curation and creation and have a profile that attracts more followers.
  2. Pull from the Instagram Quote Bank. This digital download offers pages and pages of engaging and share-worthy quotes you can use in graphics you want to create for your Instagram.

What challenges are you facing with your Instagram? Be sure to leave us a comment on Instagram or email us your questions! Who knows? We might address it in the next post of our new The Social Brand blog series!

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