Planning Your Content with The YouTube Planner

Posted by Team Pose

Planning Your Content with The YouTube Planner

When you’re launching a video channel, planning your videos might not come naturally.

Even some of the most seasoned YouTubers find themselves all over the place when it comes to getting things edited and uploaded before a deadline. 

Sometimes your plate feels so overloaded even that you fuse out.

That’s why it helps to plan videos ahead. So that you can produce and publish on schedule. And we’re not talking plan the week of.

Planning a month or two in advance can really reduce the stress of a lingering deadline just around the corner. Just think of how you can dodge the stress and chaos of the holiday seasons and busy seasons when you're not juggling it all.

With the Ultimate YouTube Planner, you stay on course with your videos.

Diving into the planner, the key pages rest with the Month at a Glance and Week at a Glance views which are sectioned off by each month. Let’s take a closer look.

The Month at a Glance page is where you get a bird’s eye view of what’s going up for a specific month. Each week in this view provides space for up to three video uploads.

On the left side, you’ll write down the titles for the videos. The right side has checkboxes to track completion of video production and thumbnail creations. 

Intermediate and expert video content creators may develop a theme for each month.

That’s where the top of the page comes into play. Write down your focus that the videos will cover for that month. For example, gratitude or family and friends could be a focus for the winter holiday months while goal-setting might be the theme for January! 

The Week at a Glance view is where you can….

  • Assign upload dates
  • Track the progress of the video’s creation
  • Take notes of what bullet points you need to hit in the video

The promotional planning side of video content used to be something that we fused with the Week at a Glance view, but after pondering it over and testing, we decided to split the two and add more pages specifically for promotional planning. Check off where the video will be pushed.

You can have it sent out to your mailing list, publish it in a blog post, post on social channels, etc. Because there are so many channels to push content through, this area is important. It’s easy to think I’ve posted it everywhere and then realize you forgot to send the link out in a tweet (if applicable).

So what are you waiting for? 

Minimize or eliminate your stress with The Ultimate YouTube Planner by your side. Kick a** and slay in the video content arena, because quality may be important, but consistency is key. 

Drop any questions you may have in a comment below and be sure to check out all of our planners available at this link.