How To Use The Blog Planner

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How To Use The Blog Planner

When you have ideas, put it in writing! 

Yes, girl - even for your blog. When you start a blog, it’s easy to program yourself to think, draft, and publish an idea in one sitting. Let’s be real.

That’s a lot of time spent inefficiently and usually is followed by a gap filled with brainstorming that goes nowhere until the next time you sit down at your laptop. 

Think of a different way with the Blog Planner

Your alarm goes off in the morning, you get up and make a pot of coffee or tea, and sit down at the table for about 30 minutes planning out a few weeks of blog posts using a spiral-bound planner.

All of your ideas? It’s in one place and no room left for the wonder of what possibilities there are for your blog.

How do I use the Blog Planner?

  1. Use the beginning instructional pages to get a better understanding of the structure of your blog and the blueprint of a blog post.
  2. Before you get to planning your actual blog posts, use the Categories & Themes page to do broad-scope ideas that can be expanded on in individual blog posts (i.e. fashion, fitness, and wellness, etc.).
  3. Each section that follows is grouped for a month! You can either start by planning the individual posts and placing them on the Month at a Glance page afterward or vice versa. The Month at a Glance gives you a bird’s eye view of the content you’re putting out.
  4. Each page that follows is where you’ll plan your individual blog posts. It allows up to three blog posts on one page.
  5. Assign a publishing date, deadline for its creation, word count, the writer (if your site has contributors), and more!

Be ahead of the game with the Blog Planner and you’ll see a huge difference let alone feel a huge weight lifted from your shoulders! Planning is a strategy underused in the realm of blogging. Take advantage of this and take a closer look by CLICKING HERE.

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