100 Engaging Quotes To Use on Instagram

Posted by Team Pose

100 Engaging Quotes To Use on Instagram

Congrats on the engagement! Oh, your audience isn’t engaged? Don’t fret.

The key is relatable content. 

We, at Pose Planners, have been in those shoes, trying to sail the waves of Instagram’s algorithm and particular viewership. The most common thing we’ve witnessed personally and on other profiles is that quotes are the ultimate hook. 

Not just any quotes though!

You could pull your favorite book and grab a quote from there, but unless it is a relatable quote, you might find your engagement suffering.

Knowing the struggle, we put together a Quote Bank that is the perfect match for Instagrammers, bloggers, etc. It’ll give you time and headspace to focus on other things to keep your social media presence on fire. 

About the Instagram Quote Bank

When you receive the digital download for your epic Instagram Quote Bank, you can print out the pages and do any one of the following:

  • Put together a binder or spined folder so that the pages are in booklet form.
  • Insert in between the pages of the Instagram Planner.
  • Have a hanging clipboard with the sheets that’s easily accessed at your desk.

With 100 quotes at your disposal, it might be easy to lose track of which ones you’ve shared online. That would be the case here, but when we designed this downloadable we kept that in mind and added a check off for completion feature.

How & When To Use It

We present to you… our DO’S AND DON’TS of quote life!


  • Use them in your caption.
  • Use them in your graphics. (Highly Recommended)
  • Somehow connect the quote with the image you’re posting.
  • Use the log to create or curate your own quotes


  • Post captions back to back.
  • Use long quotes in your graphics.
  • Forget to credit the author if there is one.

BONUS PRO-TIP: The Instagram Quote Bank pairs amazingly with our Instagram Planner so you can transfer quotes over to your daily posting plans! Keep that consistent, quality posting ongoing with a plan!


You follow the checkout process just as you do with any other product, but as soon as you make a purchase, a digital download link will be sent to your inbox so you have immediate access! No waiting or anything. 100% fabulous.

This is just one of many digital downloads we’ve added to the store to help amp up your social media game, but there’s more to come. Just you wait! We’ve been scheming up some extra amazing downloads and products for you to maximize your social media presence with.

Stay tuned and be sure to follow us on Instagram at @PosePlanners!